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It Starts with Summer

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Camp Eagle Ridge is my safe space — it’s where I first came out as gay, where I met my best friend, where I found home when there was no longer a home to return to. But this year, everything has changed. My best friend had a better job offer, the staff is full of people I don’t even recognize. The worst part of all? My ex — the “straight” athlete who refused to come out of the closet for me — is in our cabin and won’t explain why. Dare I dream that he’s here to chase me, to win me back?

I think so, but my nerdy new co-counselor thinks I’m being an idiot.


I’m starting to think coming to this camp was the biggest mistake of my life. Everyone is so effortlessly cool, so natural and comfortable in the great outdoors. It’s obviously the sort of place where I’ll never fit in. No one has a proper appreciation for the value of checklists and spreadsheets. And to make matters worse, my new co-counselor is a cheerful golden retriever of a man who is the exact opposite of everything I look for in a friend. He’s perpetually disorganized, ridiculously impulsive, and never, ever on time.

And then I let Parker do some very sexy with his very pretty mouth. Now my orderly world is spiraling out of control, driven by lust and bad decisions, and the dawning realization that I might not be quite as straight as I always thought I was.

MM Erotic romance Author

Ezra Dao

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